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The Reality Note (SR V4) Manifestor

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This field contains the programming which will reshape your subconscious mind and the world around you with the help of your new special notebook. All you have to do is to write down what you want to be manifested. And the field will program your mind and body to make those changes for you. It will not only affect your state of vibration but also will create the mindset to attract things you desire and will also make you take action for them. It will remove all mental, karmic, emotional and energetic blockage which is stopping you from manifesting your desire. Also there are many people who just wishes for something and does nothing while blaming their luck, god or the universe for it. We need to understand that the universe can only bring us scopes but it’s up to us for choosing and taking action. This field will also remove laziness which is blocking your manifestation. (Yeah, Universe send us opportunities, but we can grab and use the = action)

This field programs your mind based on what you write in your reality note. You need a separate or special notebook for it and write “The Reality Note” in it’s cover / or print the image that we uploaded in attached files and print it / so that your subconscious mind will know which commands you want to be fulfilled. This concept is rather advanced than any other audio field so has to be used accordingly. Best used before going to bed or overnight since our brain is not active at that time and mind can be programmed easily. It also contains conceptual ideas that is directly sent to your subconscious to program it instantly. This field directly sends the concept “What is written in note has happened” so your mind will believe it has happened. And our mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. It completely responds to your emotion and vibration. And they are the currency of the universe. It mainly deals with manifestation of anything you could imagine. And to bend your mind as you desire. It also rises your vibration level so that you can maninest effortlessly.

How to use : Simply write what you wish to be manifested.Writting holds tremendous power in term of manifestation or mind programming. By writting you are bringing your imagination into reality.

(This also removes your overthinking which blocks your mind programming and manifestation like" how is that possible and how this will happen " etc. It’s the duty of your subconscious and the universe to make changes happen. By doing that people makes things harder. Instead it programs your mind to believe you already achieved what you desire. Beacuse if you want something or want to become something then you need to act like that person only then changes can happen. This is added to bring mental changes at deepest level of your being so there will be no scope of any flaws).

If your desire is big, repeat the process around 5 days. Also, be aware and prepared for opportunities and to take action when new things in your reality show up. If you don’t take actions, your desires won’t fall into your lap.

We have boosted it a lot, but in time the power of the field and note will become larger and larger from your powerful desires and energy you put in. 

This product contains an energetically programmed image that we have called a "Digital Mandala." All products in the stores are boosted by x3 digital mandalas.

To find out more about how digital mandalas are used, follow this link:

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The Reality Note (SR V4) Manifestor

7 ratings
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