DM: Clearing Relationship Blocks

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In this field, we are using an energetic program that will dissolve the blocks to a healthy relationship in you and all other selves, parallel incarnations you have on other dimensions. The field is created to not just solve problems in your life now, but also heal your soul and its capacity to love, and its ability to express and receive love with ease. 

Usually, we have an idea in our mind what a loving relationship should feel and look like, but that expectation is not necessarily shared by our partner. This field has been created to release the fixed ideas of what love should look like so we can accept it as it is and truly appreciate it.

Another major issue we may have is that we pull away emotionally and mentally from our partner or other people, because of fear of being too close to someone. This field removes the fear of intimacy and gives you the ability to connect with your partner on a deeper level.

Some people have a repeating pattern of constantly cheating or being cheated on. This field works on interrupting and removing this model of behavior.

Role confusion within a relationship may be another major issue. We may find that we have become a parent to our partner rather than a lover or a spouse and vice versa—we may have become a child to our partner. This field helps us take our proper place in the relationship and helps avoid unhealthy role confusion. 

When we are stressed we may pour anger and frustration on our partners even when they are not the cause of our feelings. Or we may constantly search for flaws and imperfections in them. The field releases that model and helps us properly and compassionately express our emotions to our partners.

We may find ourselves in situations where we lose ourselves in the relationship, give up our power and lose our self-esteem, yet we can’t find a way or the strength to escape. Underestimating ourselves and feeling not enough or worthy of love, despite our partner assuring us that we are. That may drive us to the idea that we need to change to become acceptable or desired, to give up our true self so we can fit in. That type of blockage can get us easily into judgmental relationships and make us constantly attract narcissists.

Having low self-esteem or subconscious blockages and trauma may put us in a relationship where our partner doesn’t make us a priority and always has something more important than us to give their attention to.


If we have grown up in more or less dysfunctional families we may imprint our parents’ attitude to one another as a blueprint of a proper role and repeat it over and over again in our own relationships or we can attract people that have the same attitude towards us, that our parents had. 

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DM: Clearing Relationship Blocks

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