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Abundance and Wealth 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings

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  • Beneficial for those who have never experienced financial security.
  • Creating new pathways encoding new information in the DNA.
  • Transforming thought patterns. 

Immerse yourself in this life-changing field. This is a wonderful tool for those who might have missed experiencing the presence of certain feelings in their lives due to childhood trauma or hardships in their journey of existence.

To manifest abundance, wealth, and love, we first need to taste the essence of these emotions. The universe needs to unfold these experiences to us so we can identify these feelings, and then start attracting what we desire.

Harness the power of this energetically programmed field. It serves as a fast-track route to assimilate these emotions as it induces swift alterations in subconscious beliefs. You'll start noticing shifts in your reality, and these changes will emerge speedily.

Remember, our cells are also conditioned by the emotional messages we've internalized. As you embrace a new feeling program, novel receptor sites on your cells are concurrently created. These cellular changes are then encoded in the DNA. When a cell replicates, the new cell also inherits these freshly formed receptors. Simiral changes occur in the brain. New feelings and ideas create new neural pathways that we never had before. Suddenly it becomes natural and easy to think and feel things we never quite managed to convince ourselves in before like believing we deserve the best, that we are loveable, that it is easy to be successful etc.

Embrace this journey and prepare yourself for rapid transformations in your thought patterns, your emotions, and your reality. Look forward to welcoming positive shifts in your life!

This product contains an energetically programmed image that we have called a "Digital Mandala." All products in the stores are boosted by x3 digital mandalas.

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Abundance and Wealth 1000 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings

21 ratings
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