DM: Remove Negative Energy

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Removing Negative Energy from the Body and Aura

This field is designed to remove negative energy that comes from other people towards you and also to teach your aura to naturally repel it before it enters your energy fields in the future. Negative energy includes all low vibrations, and low emotions such as anger, envy, judgment, or anything else that is not for your highest good but would rather burden and negatively impact you.

The field is also programmed to clear any negative energy that you yourself may generate through thoughts and emotions due to distorted worldview, fear, anxiety, overthinking, or other causes. Over time, you will experience fewer and fewer such thoughts and feelings.

A program to free you from addiction to negative emotions has also been included. If a person has been carrying certain negative energies or emotions for many years, they may be so accustomed to them that they cannot recognize that something is wrong until they stop feeling them and experience the lightness of being free.

This field clears any destructive and self-destructive programs that may most often come from parents or your ancestral lineage although this is not always the case. Such a program can enter your energy field and your subconscious even from a stranger on the street if you are a more receptive person or an empath and have not yet learned to recognize foreign influences and deter them, or if their energy resonates in some way with your trauma and negative experiences from the past, thus making you more open to their influence.

It terminates all energy connections with people and beings who draw energy from you and creates a protective barrier that repels their renewal even if you continue to meet in the material world. An important clarification here is to know that if you have a desire to give them energy and do so of your free will this overrides the command of the field as your free will is above all else in your life. But if you have renounced a certain toxic relationship and wish to preserve your energy, the field will protect you and prevent these connections from being re-established.

 This product contains an energetically programmed image that we have called a "Digital Mandala." All products in the stores are boosted by x3 digital mandalas.

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DM: Remove Negative Energy

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